Mental Health

Psychiatric Emergency

For a life-threatening psychiatric emergency (one that may quickly lead to suicide, assault, or homicide), activate an EMS response by calling 911, or if you are in or around the main WCMC campus or NYP/WC hospital, call 212-472-2222. You can also notify the NYP Psychiatry Emergency Department: 212-746-0711.

If there is an urgent psychiatric issue relating to students, residents, or employees (including postdocs, fellows, and faculty), see the specific information below. For any urgent issues (including after hours), you can also contact the NYP Psychiatry Emergency Department: 212-746-0711.

Students (Medical and Graduate)

Contact Dr. Richard Friedman: 212-746-5775 for care.

Regarding Medical Students: notify Dr. Dana Zappetti (Associate Dean of Student Affairs) 212-746-1058 (daytime) or 646-532-1228 (evening/weekend) for additional assistance.

Regarding Graduate Students: notify Dr. Jonathan Avery (Assistant Dean) 212-746-3738 (daytime) or 212-517-1699 (evening/weekend answering service) for additional assistance.


Contact Dr. John Barnhill212-746-3671  for care.

Psychiatry ER Hotline: 646-426-5090.

Employees (including Postdocs, Fellows, and Faculty)

Contact the Employee Assistance Program: 212-746-5890.

Regarding Postdocs: notify Dr. Randi Silver (Associate Dean) 212-746-5006 (daytime) or 917-698-3028 (evening/weekend) for additional assistance.

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