WCM Emergency Management Tool

The Access Ready Tool is only available while connected to the WCM network. If you are off-campus, please start an AnyConnect VPN session.


The WCM Emergency Management Tool is a web-based system that was created to help departments prepare for those adverse events that we call a disaster. Disasters can be wide in scope (earthquake, fire, pandemic, terrorism, civil disturbance). Disasters can also be quite local in scope (failure of your hard drive!).

The goal of business emergency planning is to enable us to continue WCM’s “business” (teaching, research, and patient care) despite any disaster that befalls us. If a severe disaster rendered us unable to continue, our goal would be to resume as much teaching, research, and patient care as possible within a very short time.

This WCM Emergency Management Tool will guide departments, step-by-step, to create a business emergency plan. Your plan will identify:

  • ACTION ITEMS that can be done, starting now, to lessen the impact of a disaster, and to put us in a better position to continue functioning.
  • INFORMATION AND STRATEGIES that will be needed during and after the event to enable a rapid recovery.

The Weill Cornell Medicine Emergency Management Tool is designed for departmental business emergency planning. "Departmental" is loosely defined as any unit of the campus: an academic department, an organized research unit, or an administrative support unit. The tool is flexible.

The Weill Cornell Medicine Emergency Management Tool is easy-to-use and requires no prior training. However, we recommend that you begin your project by inviting Environmental Health and Safety to conduct an orientation for your planning group.

The Emergency Management Tool is available online. Campus network access is required; the tool can be accessed while connected to the WCM network through AnyConnect for off-campus use.

A CWID is needed to log into the system. To request access, send a request to ready@med.cornell.edu.

Annual "Ready" Emergency Plan Review and Training Video

As part of WCM's Ready Emergency Plan maintenance, an annual review must be completed for each plan. The annual reviews assess at a minimum the following:

  • Who has access to the Ready Plan?
  • Are there changes to the departmental emergency contact list?
  • What facilities or locations does the department occupy and/or Ready Plan cover?
  • Are there new changes pertaining to the department's critical functions (e.g., new services or critical resources)?
  • Have critical procedures, documents and resources maintained in the Ready Plan changed?

The following training video is available on the EHS intranet to assist staff with the completion of the annual "Ready" Emergency Plan Review.

Annual "Ready" Emergency Plan Review Training Video (Intranet Only)

Contact Information

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