WCM Emergency Planning

Emergency Management Committee

A Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) Emergency Management Committee was established to plan for emergencies at WCMC. The committee is organized into executive and working groups. Both groups work together to:
  • Prevent hazards from developing into emergencies or reduce their effects when emergencies occur by developing long-term hardening of infrastructure and systems.
  • Plan for emergencies by developing plans, inventories, and procedures to ensure that emergencies will be responded to effectively, minimizing harm to human health and damage to property.
  • Communicate effectively during an emergency using multiple and redundant systems so those affected have emergency and recovery information.
  • Drill/Test equipment, plans and procedures regularly to ensure they function properly during an emergency.
The executive group, appointed by the Associate Provost and Executive Vice Dean, will meet as needed to provide central coordination of activities; establish methods for communicating during emergencies; periodically review central and departmental emergency plans; assess conditions at WCMC; and proactively plan preventative and emergency response measures. Executive group members represent the core Emergency Operations Team, which is responsible for the coordinated management of incidents and staffing the Emergency Operations Center during an emergency. The departments below are represented on the executive group. Representatives from other departments may be requested to join as needed.
  • Dean’s Office
  • Facilities Management & Campus Operations
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Public Affairs
  • Risk Management / Environmental Health and Safety
The working group, also appointed by the Associate Provost and Executive Vice Dean, will meet periodically to provide guidance to the executive group, ensuring emergency planning efforts are representative of campus needs.. Working group members will work with their constituents to address the emergency planning needs of the collective WCMC community and will be instrumental in ensuring WCMC is adequately prepared to respond to and recover from emergencies or events that may affect WCMC. The departments below are members of the working group. Representatives from other departments may be requested to join as needed.
  • Academic Affairs
  • Counsel’s Office
  • Department Administrators
  • Graduate School
  • Housing
  • NewYork-Presbyterian
  • Physician Organization
  • Research Administration
  • Research Animal Resource Center
  • WCMC-Qatar

Emergency Operations Team
Representatives from various WCMC departments that would have a role in responding to and recovering from an emergency have been appointed as members of the WCMC Emergency Operations Team. These representatives have developed procedures for responding to emergency conditions to preserve life and property; implementing business continuity plans; and communicating up-to-date emergency conditions and information to the WCMC community. The Emergency Operations Team will work closely with representatives from NYP to ensure the safe recovery from emergencies for both institutions.

Emergency Operations Centers
WCMC officials have designated locations that can be dedicated to facilitating the response to emergencies affecting the College. All locations have the tools necessary for the Emergency Operations Team to oversee the response to emergencies, implement business continuity plans and communicate up-to-date emergency information to the WCMC community.

Departmental Emergency Planning
Departments must take a proactive role in planning for emergencies and develop department-specific emergency plans. Departmental Emergency Plans should include:

  • Methods for accounting for all students, faculty and staff in the department.
  • Evacuation plans for students, faculty and staff with disabilities or who are injured and may need assistance during emergencies. More information can be found in the EHS Update on Evacuating Physically Impaired Individuals.
  • Department-specific business continuity plans.
  • Emergency supplies inventory and plans for their regular inspection and upkeep (flashlights, batteries, battery-powered radio, 3-day supply of water and non-perishable food, etc.).
  • Contact information for all students, faculty and staff in the department.
  • Location of chemical inventory and material safety data sheets for all hazardous chemicals used in the department.
  • Procedures students, faculty and staff should follow in the event of an emergency if they differ from standard WCMC procedures due to department-specific requirements.

Departmental Emergency Plans are created using the web-based WCM Emergency Management Tool.

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