Emergency Operations Team Resources

The page is intended to be used by the Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) Emergency Operations Team (EOT). Following are tools to be used by the EOT:

WCMC Emergency Plan

The WCMC Emergency Plan is the central plan outlining EOT procedures used to send emergency notifications, update the emergency website, declare emergencies, and establish emergency operation centers. Log in using your CWID and CWID password.

“Ready” Departmental Emergency Plans

These plans are created by each department and outline their priorities during an emergency, including:

  1. critical functions and staffing needs.
  2. specific information and strategies that will help during and after an emergency.

The plans contain primary contacts to report emergencies, departmental directories, critical functions, and supporting documentation needed during an emergency. Log in using your CWID and CWID password for read-only access to all plans.

"Weill Cornell Alert" emergency notification system

Weill Cornell Alert is used to send simultaneous notifications to all WCMC students, faculty, and staff via email, phone, and text messaging. Those Emergency Operations Team members that have been provided acccess and training should log in using their standard CWID and CWID password. More information is available in the WCMC Emergency Plan.

WCMC Emergency Website and Emergency Information Hotline (212-746-WCMC / 212-746-9262)

The WCMC emergency website and information hotline provide emergency information to the WCMC community. The emergency website is updated using Twitter and the WCMC community can “Follow” the College’s emergency status via their personal Twitter accounts. Procedures for updating the emergency website and phone are provided in the WCMC Emergency Plan under Sections 1.4 and 1.5.

Emergency Response Guides

WCMC has prepared response guides for many types of emergencies (e.g., active shooter, bomb threat, hurricane, hazardous material spills, and severe weather) which may impact the College. These response guides outline the steps WCMC students, faculty, and staff should follow in response to the emergency in addition to the emergency-specific guidance provided by the EOT and Departments.

GETS/WPS Calling Card

EOT members are provided a GETS/WPS calling card that is used when normal phone traffic is unavailable due to high usage. More information is available on the card assigned to you and in the WCMC Emergency Plan, see Section 2.1.

Emergency Contacts Wallet Card

A wallet card with contact information for WCMC and NYP senior leadership, emergency operations centers, and other key information is provided to each EOT member.

WCMC and NYP Phone and Email Directories

WCMC and NYP-WCMC Emergency Phone Numbers

WCMC Phone and Email Directory

NYP Phone and Email Directory (Intranet only)

Contact Information

Environmental Health and Safety 402 E. 67th Street,
Room LA-0020
New York, NY 10065 Phone: (646) 962-7233 Fax: (646) 962-0288